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Sammy Loren, lives and works in Los Angeles. For other projects, click here.

Michael McLean, 25, has recently returned to his home state of New Jersey, USA, after a year of filming in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His next documentary film, The Fight for Saint Jean, co-produced with Marina Recalde will be finished by late 2008. During the past year he co-wrote and edited Nueva Orleans, another documentary by Mindful Media. He also produced and directed Los Cartoneros/The Cardboard People which screened at several high schools and universities in 2006 and 2007. He has undergraduate degrees in Political Science, International Relations and Video Multi-media Design, and has been active in various social justice movements for 10 years.

Watch Mike's video production reel: vimeo.com/mikemclean

Julia Reagan 24, of Los Angeles, California, USA, studied English and Film at the University of California, Davis. She shot "Los Chinos de Buenos Aires," an investigation into the precarious social climate surrounding Chinese immigrants who own and operate supermarkets throughout the capital city, in 2007 while working for WICKED?! a bilingual pop culture magazine. She is currently living in Los Angeles editing the film and working as the Assistant to the Executive Producer at Duck Punk Productions.

Marina Recalde, 25, native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, studied English Translation at Universidad de Belgrano. Recently she moved to New Jersey, USA, where she is working on post-production of The Fight for Saint Jean, a documentary that shows one school's fight to defend education as a human right in Argentina. In 2007 she translated and helped produce Nueva Orleans, another film by Mindful Media. In 2005 Marina worked as a prepoduction assistant and translator for the documentary film Los Cartoneros/The Cardboard People. Currently she works as a teacher of Spanish and freelance translator.

Watch Marina's video production reel: vimeo.com/marinareclade