Mindful Media screening event in Los Angeles

4 March 2010 - Co-founding members of the Mindful Media Collective, Julia Reagan and Sammy Loren will showcase their latest social-issue documentary films at a screening event at the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles, California.

The screening is part of Mindful Media's ongoing effort to create a broad-based network of communities dedicated to creating social change through independent documentary films.

The two films that will be shown are ArgenChino (2009), directed by Julia Reagan, and Nueva Orleans (2008) directed by Sammy Loren.

The Echo Park Film Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing equal and affordable access to film + video education and resources.
For more information about the event please click here.

New Mindful Media Video Supports Peace in Sudan

9 January 2010 - A new video clip recently published by Mindful Media producer, Mike McLean brings viewers to the New York City launch of the Sudan 365 Campaign. The Campaign is an international effort to call attention to the fragile peace in war-torn Sudan during the year leading up to the country's next election.

"This election could decide the fate of the 3 million people still living in Darfur, and the fate of the 3 million who have already been forced from their homes during the war, during the genocide," says McLean, "This clip is an invitation and a challenge to take action."

The two-minute clip is currently posted on the
Sudan 365 webpage and circulating on the web with other videos from various cities around the world that also celebrated the launch of the campaign.

This video clip features still photos by
Shane Bauer and Doctors Without Borders.

Mindful Media Supports Peace & Justice Movement in the US

March. 2009
Mindful Media producer and co-founder, Mike McLean recently made a short video now being used by the Bergen County Peace & Justice Coalition. The video is about 1 minute and features images from two peace vigils that commemorated the 6th year of war in Iraq. The coalition, which is made up of over 15 grassroots peace and social justice groups from Northern New Jersey, is currently using the video on its website and in its online campaigning.

The video can be seen in our new videos section.
To learn more about the Bergen Peace & Justice Coalition click here.

ArgenChino viene a Buenos Aires

ArgenChino (anteriormente Los Chinos de Buenos Aires) el documental que investiga los supermercados chinos de Buenos Aires viene a Buenos Aires el 22 de marzo hasta el 10 de abril 2009.

  • Una proyección con el Centro de Estudios Chinos en la Universidad de La Plata ya esta planeado y otras vienen pronto!
  • Para fechas de exhibiciones en Buenos Aires y mas detalles del documental, visita el sitio oficial: argenchino.wordpress.com

DEATH RACE to premiere at Ramapo College of New Jersey

Update: March, 2009

Mindful Media Collective member, Mike McLean will be premiering his new short documentary Death Race: the movie explosion this March at Ramapo College of New Jersey. The film is a high-energy documentation of Northern New Jersey's notoriously disruptive death races - bicycle-powered pseudo-scavenger hunts that involve everything from senseless acts of mischief and anarchy, to intelligent criticisms of the United State's car culture.

The short film will be screening at the Ramapo College campus in the Trustee's Pavilion, Room 1 on Monday, March 9th at 8:00pm. The event will also feature a screening of Nueva Orleans, a Mindful Media collaboration.

The trailer for this event can been seen at our New Movies section.

Death Race: the movie explosion runs 16 action-packed minutes and features in its soundtrack various local bands and musicians. The screening event is being hosted by RCORE.

2009 Updates

JAN 2009: Update on Los Chinos de Buenos Aires

Happy New Year from the Mindful Media Collective! With this new year comes many new socially aware documentaries from our producers.

Julia Reagan returned to California in March of 2008 after filming her documentary on the Chinese population in Buenos Aires for one year. Since then she has been editing the film which Mindful Media plans to release in the coming months with a tour in Argentina as well as various locations in the United States. Dates to be released soon!

"Please" Addresses Same-Sex Marriage in California

While in Los Angeles, Mindful Media Collective member, Julia Reagan has been involved with various projects including a short documentary dedicated to repealing Proposition 8 in California.

On November 4th, 2008 California voted to amend its constitution and ban same sex marriage. Whether or not we support the gay lifestyle, it is not just to dictate our beliefs onto the rest of our fellow citizens. Marriage should be a basic civil right. Denying it is a human rights violation. Every single being on this planet deserves happiness. If we are so lucky to find it, how dare it be denied us. This video was filmed on November 15th in Los Angeles. 12,000 people came to protest the passing of this law.

El 4 de noviembre 2008, los ciudadanos de California votaron para cambiar la Constitución para prohibir el matrimonio entre dos personas del mismo sexo. Incluso si no apoyemos el estilo de vida homosexual, no tenemos el derecho de quitárselo a los demas. El matrimonio debiera ser un derecho civil. Negarlo es una violación humana. Cada persona en este mundo se merece la oportunidad de ser feliz. Si por suerte, alguien encuentra felicidad, como se la podemos quitar?
Este video fue filmado durante la protesta en Los Angeles el 15 de noviembre 2008. 12.000 personas vinieron a protestar la ley.