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The Fight for Saint Jean/
La Lucha por el Saint Jean

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When the students of Colegio Saint Jean saw a newspaper ad saying their school would be closed and auctioned off, they thought it was a joke. Little did they know that the school’s board of directors had run up over $320,000US in debt and would use the student’s future as payment.

Nueva Orleans
(Film Synopsis/Sinopsis)

Stuffed into a crammed New Orleans clapboard house is a crew of Central American migrants. Seven days a week, they paint and tile fetid homes drowned by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005.

(Film Synopsis/Sinopsis)
As Argentina slowly recovers from the 2001 devaluation of the peso, it may seem an unlikely resting spot for Chinese expatriates. Although it is a story that has been told by many newly emigrated groups in decades past-- Koreans in New York City, Chinese in San Francisco—it holds a unique meaning in present day Argentina.

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