Mindful Media On the Move

November 2008 - In the past few months all four Mindful Media contributors have moved to different countries. But the production of our socially-minded documentaries continues!

Full length documentary that shows the epic struggle of the Saint Jean high school students, while exposing how corporate globalization and corruption work against education. Filmmakers Mike McLean & Marina Recalde have recently relocated from Buenos Aires, Argentina to the New York/New Jersey area of the United States!

Film Updates:
August 2008: The Saint Jean movie trailer hit the Internet on our myspace, youtube and blog. The trailer has since screened at the People's Movie Night at Wooden Shoe Books in Philadelphia.
September 2008: The Saint Jean rough cut arrived in the United States! Our 45 min
ute rough cut first screened to a wonderful audience in New York City's Lower East Side. Our rough cut has since been shown to select groups of activists, professors and peers - the input has been outstanding and much appreciated.
Approaching 2009: We are reaching our final cut of The Fight for Saint Jean. The film will run about 1 hour and will feature the music of composer
Nicholas Coleman and the voice-over narration of the producers, Mike McLean and Marina Recalde.

A 30-minute documentary showing an intimate view of the lives of 5 immigrant laborers from Latin America. They crossed the US-Mexico border illegally to find work rebuilding homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Filmmaker Sammy Loren recent relocated to Paris, France, but not before meeting with co-producer and editor Mike McLean - the two have been in collaboration on the film since the summer of 2007.

Film Updates:

April 2008: Nueva Orleans rough cut screens at the New Orleans Human Rights Film Festival
September 2008: Nueva Orleans rough cut screens in New York City
Aproaching 2009: Nueva Orleans is extremely close to its completion and will be screened internationally very soon. The film features the music of Evan Morris.

Other updates:

Mindful Media filmmaker, Mike McLean will be releasing a short film called Death Race: the documentary explosion. The short film documents a series of high-adrenalin bicycle scavenger hunts organized by politically-charged youth activists in Northern New Jersey. The film will premiere at Ramapo College in March, 2009 in conjunction with a screening of The Fight for Saint Jean and yet another Death Race event organized by the Ramapo Community Organizing for Radical Empowerment (RCORE).

Mindful Media filmmaker, Julia Reagan has returned to her home in Califonia after a year of filming in Buenos Aires, Argentina.