"Los Chinos" de Buenos Aires

Why must we fabricate our own truth for that which we do not understand? How does societal myth begin? Where does the blurred line of truth and the false line of myth intertwine? How are we to distinguish the two?
As Argentina slowly recovers from the 2001 devaluation of the peso, it may seem an unlikely resting spot for Chinese expatriates. Although it is a story that has been told by many newly emigrated groups in decades past-- Koreans in New York City, Chinese in San Francisco—it holds a unique meaning in present day Argentina.
Chinese immigrants have opened thousands of independently owned supermarkets have that have flourished in Buenos Aires. Yet however popular these markets are, the Chinese immigrant population has been met with rampant stereotyping as the country struggles to rebuild its place in a global economy. As a new population of immigrants find relative economic success, they are met with a fabrication of myth that has pervaded so profoundly as truth, as to create a dramatic and definite divide between the two cultures.
The “supermercados chinos”, as they are called, have become a symbol of Chinese immigration in Buenos Aires and now define an entire group of immigrant culture. This documentary explores the recent wave of Chinese immigration and their role in a 21st century Argentina.